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Environmental problems pose serious threats to the well-being of all inhabitants on this planet. These threats have attracted attention by researchers across a range of disciplines, from biology and chemistry, to the social and behavioral sciences. But there is a disconnect between the academic knowledge developed by these researchers and the practitioners working to promote change in individuals and groups. In this online volume, we provide a gateway for practitioners interested in the social scientific research on environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. This volume is intended to connect the practitioner to the academic community by providing a compendium of measures and scales.

In creating this online volume, we have tried to focus on the major approaches used to measure environmental attitudes and behaviors. The exact wording of each item is provided, along with recommended response options, and brief summary of the measure and past research that has used it. As you will see, a great deal of work has already been done, and we hope that by building on these existing approaches, we can further our understanding of the human dimensions of environmental problems.

To use this book, please click on an area of interest.  A list of scales used in that area will appear.  

If you are an author of an environmental measure presented on this site, and you would like to have your comments about the scale posted on our site, please visit and complete the Author Comment Form.

If your scale was not listed, and you would like to be included in this "book of environmental scales".  Please send me an email at cbruni@csusm.edu, a copy of your original publication article, and a copy of the scale.